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Arroz Con Gandules Recipe


  In Puerto Rico, we LOVE the holiday season (we are said to have one of the longest ones!) and it’s the perfect excuse for us to indulge in delectable dishes. For those looking for a new recipe to try for the holidays, here is one of our favorites that you can try this year….

Classic Mofongo Recipe

crushed food

Welcome back to our Plantain Recipe Series. Today we dive into another classic: MOFONGO! This fried garlicky mash made with fried plantains is comfort food at its finest. Eat it as a side or top it with a protein like fresh lobster in a garlic white wine sauce. It’s even more delicious than it sounds!…

Puerto Rican Tostones Recipe


  Plantains, native to Southeast Asia, were introduced to the Caribbean in the early 16th century. They easily adapted to the region’s tropical environment and rapidly dispersed throughout Puerto Rico, quickly becoming a staple in the diet. Throughout the years, numerous dishes have been created using these starchy fruits making plátanos synonymous with Puerto Rican…

Sofrito Recipe

Cooking the Globe

Sofrito: The Flavor of Latin-American Cuisine By Chef Daniela Rivera Sofrito – It’s the condiment or “sazón” that gives Latin American cuisine its distinct flavor. Each country has a variation of sofrito and Puerto Rico is no exception. What makes sofrito in Puerto Rico different from those in the rest of Latin America would be…

Virgin Coconut Mojito Popsicles by Great Food 360

Mojito Pops

To celebrate the hot days of summer, we’ve invited our good friend Adriana Angelet of Great Food 360 to share her Virgin Mojito Popsicle Recipe. Thanks Adriana, these look amazing!!! Hi there! My name is Adriana and I blog over at I love cooking with local ingredients, incorporating them in Puerto Rican recipes and…

Puerto Rican Turkey Sliders by Pizca de Gourmet

Turkey Sliders

Here at Spoon Food Tours its no secret that we all love food. Everyone on our team also loves to cook. In our new recipe series, we will be inviting guest bloggers to share their stories and recipes with you. Up first is Devorak Amadeo of the beautifully curated cooking blog, Pizca de Gourmet. We…