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You’re traveling. Your Spanish is así así. You confidently order what you think is Mofongo and are served intestine soup instead (Mondongo). Whoops! This is where Spoon comes in to save the day.

We’re delighted to welcome you to our ‘cyber home’ – for practical purposes we call it our website, but we want you to feel ‘como en casa’!

Here’s a bit about us:

We’re a squad of classically-trained misfits that love Puerto Rico: our gastronomy, history, music, art, traditions and people. We are travelers, historians, anthropologists, chefs (well, some of us are just amateur home cooks, at best), artists, event planners and former executives, bound by our passion for food, culture and our Island.

After realizing the need for a company that authentically connected travelers to the destination through its cuisine and culture, Paulina Salach and Gustavo Antonetti co-founded SPOON in 2012. They traveled near and far (really, as near as Rincón and Cayey and as far as Lima and San Sebastián- and beyond) in search of extraordinary cuisine and genuine experiences. Their quest took them on hikes, bike rides, trains, planes, buses, taxis and tuk-tuks to experience cooking classes, markets, regional street food, Michelin-starred restaurants and everything in between. This knowledge and exposure fueled their desire to showcase the richness of Puerto Rico to visitors from around the world as well as to residents of our beautiful Island-nation.

Today, their team has grown to include amazing hosts and together they craft personalized and immersive experiences including:

… always with a focus on gastronomy, culture and hospitality. We are constantly searching for the tastiest dishes, creative cocktails and places that have that certain “je ne sais quoi.” Like you, we love to travel and know how hard it can be to discover great food among the myriad of options. Thanks to our expert team, there is no need to sift through countless reviews, travel sites or rely on inexpert sources. We personally know and partner with the chefs, cooks, farmers, bartenders, waiters, artists, musicians and entrepreneurs. We cut through the clutter and show off the best of our destination by connecting you to key people, products and businesses; we guarantee you won’t get tourist-trapped!

You’ll enjoy the full attention of our guides and walk away with the best advice of what to eat, see, and skip throughout the course of your stay. Our experiences really stand apart in a couple of ways:

  • We dig deep into the history of the ingredients and the evolution of the dishes served
  • We limit the number of guests precisely so that you can interact with us and other guests
  • We focus on quality across the board: food, drinks, content, overall experience

¿De aquí como el coquí? We got you! As a local, you’ll have a chance to discover Puerto Rico from an interestingly delicious point of view. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much you’ll learn about your patria while enjoying delectable food and drinks. Join one of our tours in San Juan or Calle Loíza, or let us craft a customized experience just for you.

SPOON has been featured in notable publications including The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Food & Wine Magazine, The Guardian, Lonely Planet, New York Magazine, Yahoo Travel, The Washington Post, Coastal Living, MSN News, The New York Post, ABC News and many others. Some of the noteworthy awards we’ve received for our exceptional customer service and experiences include: Luxury Travel Guide – The Americas Winner (3 years in a row), TripSavvy – Editor’s Choice Award – Hall of Fame Winner, Grupo Guayacán’s 2018 EnterPRize Competition – Travel & Hospitality Award, and induction into TripAdvisor’s Hall of Fame for receiving our Certificate of Excellence Award every year since our establishment.

We partner with independently-owned establishments committed to using local ingredients, and we’re proud to be a sustainable and socially-responsible tourism company. Food tastes better when it is grown locally and it feels better too.

We make it our business at SPOON to ensure that you walk away feeling full, fulfilled, and loving Puerto Rico. Come get to know us over a meal!