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Puerto Rican Turkey Sliders by Pizca de Gourmet

Turkey Sliders

Here at Spoon Food Tours its no secret that we all love food. Everyone on our team also loves to cook. In our new recipe series, we will be inviting guest bloggers to share their stories and recipes with you. Up first is Devorak Amadeo of the beautifully curated cooking blog, Pizca de Gourmet. We fell in love with Devorak’s story and her photos. We hope you enjoy Devorak’s Turkey Sliders, a perfect summer dish.



I’m very happy to be here talking with new friends.  Hi, my name is Devorak Amadeo and I have a cooking blog.  I love to make modern recipes using some traditional Puerto Rican ingredients.  If you’re friends with the Spoon Food Tours blog you have to like Puerto Rican cuisine and probably have enjoyed a tour with them savoring lots of new Caribbean flavors.  But it is not the same story in your mouth than in your kitchen, and even for me, some Puerto Rican dishes can be strong and heavy for everyday eating, taste bud wise and belly wise.  If you want to enjoy some of our flavors you could just start with introducing little bits of things into more universal foods.  And I’m sure these turkey sliders I’m sharing here are a great start.

Turkey Sliders

First, you will need more recao in you life to start giving your kitchen the Puerto Rican flair.  Also known as long or spiny coriander, it is lemony but pungent, so a better substitution would be a mix of basil or cilantro.  But I’m pretty sure you could find some in a gourmet Latin market.  I made a recao pesto mayo and I’m sure you’ll want to have it for any sandwich or burger you make.

Recao Pesto Mayo

Also I used queso blanco del país, which is Puerto Rican cheese, a curdly and mild flavored cow milk’s cheese.  It doesn’t have a string flavor, but gives some creaminess to our mini burgers.  For the side, I fried a batch of sweet plantain chips.  I love sweet plantains, mostly because of the sweetness but partly because I’m too lazy to deal with the green ones.  I have to be honest!  But anyway, their sweetness goes great with the fresh and summery flavors of the turkey sliders.

Sweet Plantain Chips

As you see, this is a great way to incorporate Caribbean flavors in your everyday dishes.  So enjoy the sweet plantain recipe here and feel free to ask me anything and visit me for the complete recipe of the turkey sliders and more pictures.

It has been a blast sharing this with new friends!  Thanks Paulina and Gustavo for the invite…



Make sure to follow Devorak for more delicious eats and mouth-watering photos.