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san juan

Coffee Shops in San Juan


Image cc Puerto Rico Tourism Co. There’s something magical about a cup of coffee. Well, not just any cup of joe! It must unquestionably begin with quality beans. [Disclaimer: I’m not a purist and I will sometimes add cinnamon and other toppings if the beans are not great to begin with] For me, it’s a…

Charity Event for Valentina

This Saturday, February 7, the InterContinental San Juan Hotel and Casino will host Chefs for Valentina – an evening of exceptional gastronomy to benefit a very brave little girl. Valentina Carles Toro is 9 month-old battling neuroblastoma, an infant cancer that develops in nerve tissue. Valentina is in need of extremely costly bone-marrow transplants and…

Where to Party on New Year’s Eve in San Juan

Champagne pop Spoon

NEW YEAR’S EVE SAN JUAN 2014 New Year’s Eve, like any other evening in Puerto Rico, can be as chilled-out or as raucous as you like. To channel your inner zen beach bum, grab a cold coconut, fill it with whiskey and let the sound of waves lapping the shore make you forget all about…

Spoon’s 2014 San Juan Holiday Dining Guide


Celebrating the holidays in Puerto Rico means relishing life’s pleasures: beaches, palm trees, sunshine, rum, arroz con gandules, lechón, pasteles, and coquito. Unfamiliar with the last few items on that list? Never fear, Spoon has got you covered. We spend all year tasting the best this island has to offer and this holiday season we…

Its Summer Time, Drink Up!

George + Death in the Afternoon

Gone are the days of vodka tonic and fake cranberry for mixing. Don’t get us wrong we do indulge in an occasional Cuba Libre or rum with fresh-squeezed juice (must be freshly-squeezed) but these days we tend to go for an old-fashioned, a classic twist on the Negroni or something prepared with lavender, lemongrass soda,…