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Holidays in Puerto Rico; Coquito, Parrandas, and Las Fiestas de La Calle!

  Welcome to the merriest corner of the world—Puerto Rico! Our holiday season isn’t just a celebration; it’s a carnival of joy, starting with Thanksgiving and dancing through the lively octavitas, culminating at Las Fiestas de La Calle San Sebastián in Old San Juan. Brace yourself for twinkling lights, parrandas, coquito, chinchorreos, and endless parties!…

Spoon’s 2014 San Juan Holiday Dining Guide

Celebrating the holidays in Puerto Rico means relishing life’s pleasures: beaches, palm trees, sunshine, rum, arroz con gandules, lechón, pasteles, and coquito. Unfamiliar with the last few items on that list? Never fear, Spoon has got you covered. We spend all year tasting the best this island has to offer and this holiday season we…