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Jose Santaella

Spoon’s 2014 San Juan Holiday Dining Guide

Celebrating the holidays in Puerto Rico means relishing life’s pleasures: beaches, palm trees, sunshine, rum, arroz con gandules, lechón, pasteles, and coquito. Unfamiliar with the last few items on that list? Never fear, Spoon has got you covered. We spend all year tasting the best this island has to offer and this holiday season we…

COCINA TROPICAL: The Classic and Contemporary Flavors of Puerto Rico

Rich in flavor and a unique blend of African, Spanish, Taíno Indian and French roots, Puerto Rico’s cuisine is an explosion of flavors. In his book, Cocina Tropical, renowned chef Jose Santaella pays homage to his homeland with its beautiful mountains, picturesque beaches and historic Spanish colonial city. In this beautifully photographed book by Ben…