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Charity Event for Valentina

This Saturday, February 7, the InterContinental San Juan Hotel and Casino will host Chefs for Valentina – an evening of exceptional gastronomy to benefit a very brave little girl. Valentina Carles Toro is 9 month-old battling neuroblastoma, an infant cancer that develops in nerve tissue. Valentina is in need of extremely costly bone-marrow transplants and chemotherapy that will total in excess of $280,000. The San Juan restaurant community is rallying around her family to help with the costs. Over chefs will showcase their tremendous culinary talents all for little Valentina. Chefs include: Augusto Schreiner, José Carles, Efrain Cruz, Christian Quiñones, Jeremie Cruz, Angel Santiago, Damian Hernandez, Raúl Correa, Enrique Piñeiro, Juan José Cuevas, Xavier Pacheco, Ernesto Rivera, René Marichal and more. Please come and support this wonderful cause. Where: Hotel Intercontinental, San Juan When: February 7, 2015 Time: 7pm Cocktail…

Spoon’s 2014 San Juan Holiday Dining Guide

Celebrating the holidays in Puerto Rico means relishing life’s pleasures: beaches, palm trees, sunshine, rum, arroz con gandules, lechón, pasteles, and coquito. Unfamiliar with the last few items on that list? Never fear, Spoon has got you covered. We spend all year tasting the best this island has to offer and this holiday season we…