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1041 Gastronomia de Barrio + Gallo Negro Takeovers

take-over flyrt

Gallo Negro is taking over Puerto Rico. Or rather, they will if Chef Maria Grubb has her way.

Their recent spate of collaboration dinners or ‘takeovers’ organized by Chef Grubb and her staff have been a hit with diners from San Juan to Isabella.

It’s a simple idea that lends itself to tremendous creativity. Come in, take-over, and stay true. The host restaurant opens its doors, its kitchen, and its staff to the guest chef. The guest chef channels the menu and style of its host. It’s like being an exchange student, but without the language barrier, curfew and the teenage angst.

Of the concept Chef Grubbs told us, “The idea is to mix with restaurants and share a sense of community. The back and forth allows clientele to try both restaurants and different styles. I’m trying to keep the spirit of the menu and allow my influence in.”

Past collaborations have included sold-out dinners at Mai Pen Rai and CLMDO. Too busy vying for a table and scarfing down the offerings to take notes – this past Tuesday’s collaboration with Chef Nicolas Gomez of 1041 Gastronomía de Barrio afforded us the opportunity to slow down and put pen to page. Like those that came before, it was another success.

We sampled the Matamabre Tartare of filet mignon with quail egg, pickled carrots, and crispy wontons. Of this dish Chef Maria told us, “I research each menu I create. For one week I studied Argentine food because I wanted to do it right. Matambre is a traditional dish, but I interpreted it as cold because it is summer and so hot in Puerto Rico. The tartare is my French training. The Sriracha, obviously, Asian. The Asian always creeps in.”

gallo-negro quail egg

Other menu highlights included the Empanadas de Mandioca, Udon Provenzal, Quechua Tuna, and Churrasco de Kobe Beef.

Today it’s 1041 Gastronomia de Barrio’s turn to bring it as they takeover Gallo Negro. The menu looks cutting edge and extremely well thought out. Foie Gras del Cuyo is a play on a French classic, but with an Argentine twist – yerba mate infused pears. The Santurce Ravioli, a crab and Longaniza sausage ravioli is similarly a blend of both restaurants with a focus on local ingredients. The Asia Arecibo will feature tuna, dash, mushrooms, and mofongo. Say whaaa!?! Mofongo? Yes, mofongo. We can’t wait. In fact, we’re already outside, blogging from a tent, waiting in line for a table so that you don’t take ours.

Gallo Negro

Address: 1107 Avenida Juan Ponce de León, San Juan, 00907

Phone: (787) 554-5445


Monday           Closed

Tuesday         6PM–12AM

Wednesday    6PM -12AM

Thursday        6Pm-12AM

Friday             6PM–3AM

Saturday         6PM–3AM

Sunday           11AM–4PM


1041 Gastronomia de Barrio


Argentinian Restaurant

Address: 954 Av Juan Ponce de León 00907, Miramar Plaza, Suite 101, San Juan, 00907

Phone: (939) 337-0770


Monday           Closed

Tuesday         11AM–4PM

Wednesday    11AM–10PM

Thursday        11AM–11PM

Friday  11AM–11PM

Saturday         6–11PM

Sunday           Closed


by Caroline Johnson for Spoon Food Tours

Images @GalloNegro