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Serafina Opens in San Juan

Serafina Terrace

Welcome to your new favorite spot in Condado! Located at the La Concha Hotel, Serafina is a cool, modern and fun restaurant. The outdoor terrace; with its foliage, wooden furniture and orange accents is inviting and demands something bubbly. Choose from Serafina’s own sparkling white or rosé, sit back, relax and enjoy the Caribbean scene. Serafina also makes their own red, white and rosé wines. Of course, the sparkling rosé is our favorite.

Signature Serafina Prosecco

The story of the Serafina empire began on a summer day in the Hamptons over 30 years ago. What was supposed to be a fun sailing trip, turned into a life scare when Vittorio and Fabio got lost at sea. Lifelong friends, Vittorio Assaf and Fabio Granato, spent hours talking about what they would do if they survived. And as typical Italians, they began talking about food (this is, by the way, exactly what I would do too). They talked about pizza and their favorite pasta and they vowed to open up an Italian restaurant. In 1995, they opened the doors to Serafina Fabulous Pizza. Today, these best friends own over 25 restaurants throughout the world including Rio de Jainero, Istanbul, Japan, New York City, Mumbai, Tokyo and now San Juan.

The cuisine at Serafina is Northern Italian, paying tribute to the owners’ heritage. On the menu you’ll find penne a la Bolognese, their famous truffle pizza, spaghetti al caviar (I mean, that’s awesome!) and lasagna al forno.

Penne a la BolognesePenne a la Bolognese

Truffle Pizza

Truffle Pizza

Spaghetti al CaviarSpaghetti al Caviar

If you want a healthier option, opt for the tuna Carpaccio or the Serafina salad. The salad, made with raisins, pine nuts, grilled chicken and sundried tomatoes has the perfect pesto dressing, light and flavorful but not overpowering.

Tuna carpaccioTuna Carpaccio

Serafina Chicken SaladSerafina Chicken Salad

Next up for us will be brunch, which is served Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 5pm.  I can see it now, a glass of sparkling rosé, pancakes with ricotta and eggs benedict. Sounds perfect!

Serafina TerraceHey Fabio & Vittorio, can we set up our office here?  😉

Serafina San Juan is located in La Concha at 1077 Ashford Avenue in Condado. Its hours of operation are from 11:00am to 11:00pm Sunday through Wednesday and from 11:00am to 2:00am Thursday to Saturday. You can use the Valet Parking at La Concha Resort with a special price every day, $6.00 for lunch and $9.00 for dinner.

Written by Paulina Salach