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Last Chance to Dine Out for PR Restaurant Week

Nonna Gelato

Puerto Rico Restaurant Week 2015 Ends Today

Puerto Rico Restaurant Week has been extended until June 6. Today is the last day! It ain’t over until the fat lady (this gal after restaurant week) sings! If you are in San Juan this weekend you still have a chance to try some truly wonderful food. Stop putting it off and book now! What about next week? Why, it’s official ‘Puerto Rico Try To Exercise But Fail Miserably Week.’ Procrastinate all you want in that regard, but for the rest of the weekend, keep on dining!

Visit the website for a current list of all the restaurants participating through the weekend.

Many of the restaurants contained on the list above are offering prix fixe lunch menus unbeatable in their cost to quality ratio. While traveling, visitors frequently require good restaurant options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A question we’re regularly asked at Spoon Food Tours: Who has a great lunch? Well, today is your last chance to book a lunch at one of the following restaurants:

Art d’chocolat

Bistro d’Paris



Nonna Cucina Rustica

Papillon Bistro


We recently tried Nonna Cucina Rustica and sampled their prix fixe lunch. Happily, they offer this menu year round, so even after Restaurant Week concludes, you can still partake. For the first course we selected Angus Beef Carpaccio with Parmesan cheese, Arugula, Mushrooms, Garlic chips, and Cipriani dressing. Their entree of Ricotta Gnocchi with Sicilian Pistachio pesto, Gorgonzola Dolce, and Caramelized Onions was luxuriant and rich. Like jumping into a hot tub, it made us feel weak in the knees and warm and fuzzy on the inside. For dessert – a single scoop of Salted Carmel Gelato. Creamy and delicious with every bite punctuated by delicate chocolate nibs, it was the perfect end to an indulgent and truly satisfying lunch.

Nonna GelatoNonna’s Salted Caramel Gelato

Another restaurant offering lunch year round is Papillon Bistro. On our recent visit however, we sampled their prix fixe dinner menu. Mini Duck Sliders, Fresh Salmon with Orange Gastrique and Veggie Hash, and a Lemon Ricotta Tart, comprised three refined French courses. As is the case with French food – It’s all in the details. We particularly loved the Veggie Hash for this very reason. The fine dicing of the vegetables translated into perfect balance in every bite.

Papillon isn’t the only French option on the list above. Bistro d’Paris in front of the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico and Art d’Chocolat on Calle Loiza are two more standout French restaurants. They too offer lunch specials year-round.

Sophie’s at Sak’s Fifth Avenue in the Mall of San Juan are two more restaurants offering lunch today. Using as many local ingredients as possible, Sophie’s strives for freshness and sustainability while tying in Puerto Rican elements of gastronomy. Check out our full review in the link below:

sophies waldorf astoria salada sand.

Sophie’s Chicken Waldorf Salad Sandwich

If, alternatively, you want to get your shop on near Plaza las Americas, try Caramelo at San Patricio Plaza. Caramelo is the perfect fusion of Puerto Rican, Cuban and Japanese cuisines with a bright and eclectic design.

Blonda in Condado is an ever-popular lunch and brunch spot also offering a PRRW menu. It is also a great option for breakfast year-round near many of the hotels.

We must be on our way, we’ve got two more restaurant week menus to fit in today!

-Caroline Johnson