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10 Local Brands We Love From Puerto Rico

Local Brands Main Photo

We are always looking for ways to support local brands that positively impact our island — what better way than by mindfully shopping at small, local businesses! From food products to resort wear, we picked brands that are committed to Puerto Rico’s social transformation. These picks also make for thoughtful, one-of-a-kind treats or gifts. Check them out below!

Chulería en Pote: Everyone knows that adobo is a staple in every Puerto Rican household. Chef Ventura Vivoni’s take on this seasoning is something you’ll want in your pantry. Flavorful and healthy, his unique 12-spice blend will elevate any dish.


Lattuga Organics: There’s no better way to pamper yourself than with clean, organic skincare! Lattuga offers just that through their “Cafexfoliantes” (coffee scrubs). Adding to their sustainable practices, they source their coffee from local brand, Café Lareño.


Vía Láctea: Year-round tropical weather means we need treats that keep us fresh. The team behind Vía Láctea crafts unique, high-quality and rich ice cream. Small batch and artisanal, with great vegan options, you can find them by the pint at local coffee spot Café Regina.


Isleñas: I think we can all agree with this brands mission: “look good, feel good, do good.” Founded by Karla López Rivera, Isleñas is a local footwear brand known for stylish, comfortable flats and low height espadrilles. All of their products are created with ethical practices and manufactured in partnership with Retazo, a sustainable fashion lab in Puerto Rico.


Vaca Negra: Vaca Negra is locally known for its aged cheeses, and European style yogurts made 100% in Puerto Rico. They can be sourced at local supermarket chains. For a hands on experience, visit their workshop in Hatillo where you’ll learn to make your own aged cheese.


Dos Pinceles: Twin sisters Gabriela and Patricia Urrutia specialize in handcrafted jewelry made from brass and silver. Each piece of jewelry is carefully cut, hammered, polished and assembled in their San Juan studio. Their high quality and exclusive designs are the perfect gift!


Boquerón Brewing Co.: This list would not be complete without a boozy recommendation. Boquerón Brewing Co. was created by and for craft beer drinkers, who expect them to be independent and unique. Every batch made at this brewery is handcrafted using quality ingredients and innovation.


MARIMU: Resort wear is a way of life here on the island. MARIMU specializes in just that – limited edition resort lines inspired by the Caribbean. All of their pieces are locally manufactured in the mountains of Puerto Rico.


Alba Enid: Functional swimwear is the motto of this brand. Local designer Alba Enid creates comfortable swimsuits that you can wear ‘from the beach to the party.” Have an outing after the beach or pool, no problem, just wear it as a bodysuit!


Lulo’s Sweets & Savory: Pastry chef Andrea Santiago makes an array of seasonal sweets, treats, cakes and pastries at her baking studio in Santurce. Stop by and pick up a passion fruit tart, acerola pie or her famous tres leches. At CUT Butcher shop, you can purchase a bag of her delicious toffees.


By: Dorimar Rodríguez & Paulina Salach Antonetti