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10 Best Beaches in Puerto Rico


No matter what brings brings you to Puerto Rico, we know our warm, picture-perfect beaches are part of your itinerary. With over 270 miles of coastline, our island is packed with beautiful beaches. While we have several great ones in San Juan, other gems around the island are worth the trip.  Of course, no Spoon post would be complete without food! We went ahead and included some culinary recommendations so you can indulge before or after your beach getaway.

Ocean Park (San Juan)
Located between Condado and Isla Verde, you’ll find our favorite pick in San Juan – Ocean Park beach. With a vast stretch of sand, there’s plenty of room to sun bath. Its popular with locals and known for water sports like kite surfing.
Spoon favorite: Kasalta

Ocean Park Beach | cc: Visit USA

Playa Pelícano (Ponce)
Pelícano has some of the most crystalline waters you’ll ever see! It’s also the first beach in Puerto Rico, and in the entire Caribbean, to attain Blue Flag Beach status.
Spoon favorite: Café Lucero

Playa Pelícano | cc: @airlenspr

Poza del Obispo (Arecibo)
Located right behind the Arecibo Lighthouse, you’ll find this unique beach. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show of the crashing waves against the rock formations.
Spoon favorite: Arado

Poza del Obispo | cc: @eguie_colon

Mar Chiquita (Manatí)
Mar Chiquita is best known for its stunning natural pool. Along the cliffs, an opening allows the waters of the ocean to rush in creating a calm area to bathe.
Spoon favorite: Costa Azul

Mar Chiquita | cc: @sousa_pr

Pozo de Teodoro (Isabela)
There are many beaches in Isabela, but this one is the prettiest! The shallow natural pool makes it an excellent choice for families with children.
Spoon favorite: La Vista Smokehouse

Poza de Teodoro | cc: Islands of Puerto Rico

Crash Boat (Aguadilla)
This beach has something for everyone! Located in what used to be a military port, it’s a great spot for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing. Stay late to catch a beautiful sunset!
Spoon favorite: Levain Artisan Breads

Crash Boat | cc: @babiloniapr

Buyé (Cabo Rojo)
Buyé is one of many hidden gems – meaning that it’s going to be a bit tricky to get there. It’s worth it though; it has all the shades of blue, the calmest water and laid-back beach culture.
Spoon favorite: Downtown Boquerón by Chef Jose Carles

Buyé | cc @sousa_pr

Domes Beach (Rincón)
Domes is a legendary surfing beach celebrated among boarders around the world for its waves. It’s a great place to lay back, relax, and catch some surfers in action.
Spoon favorite: Jack’s Shack

Domes Beach | cc: @airlenspr

Playa Negra (Vieques)
Can you already tell why this beach made it on the list? This black sand beach in Vieques is an experience in itself with the most tranquil waters. You’ll have to do some walking to get there, but it’s worth the trek!
Spoon favorite: Tin Box

Playa Negra | cc: @haroldcamilo

Flamenco (Culebra)
Flamenco is has been rated as one of most the most beautiful beaches in the world and our favorite! White sand, crystal clear waters, and a gentle tide make it the perfect place to unwind completely. It’s also an excellent camping site.
Spoon favorite: Dinghy Dock

Flamenco | cc: @sirkaick

By: Dorimar Rodriguez