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SanSe 2018 – San Juan’s Biggest Party!


In our tropical paradise where holiday decorations are still up and roasted pig is eaten by the pounds, we are gearing up for the biggest party of the year! The annual ‘SanSe’ festival (Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián) will take place January 17 – 21 in Old San Juan. Think Mardi Gras meets Carnaval with live music, local arts and crafts, parades and of course an endless supply of delicious food and drinks!

We highly recommend you check it out and here are some Spoon tips to ensure you have a smashing and stress-free time.

1. Go early in the day! The festival gets extremely crowded. If you don’t like feeling like a sardine in a can, don’t even think about going at night. Plus, you can better enjoy the arts, crafts and cultural activities.

2. Don’t even think about driving in and opt for public transport from Sagrado Corazón in Santurce. Taxis and UBER will be operating but there’s a good chance you’ll be sitting in traffic. If you’re in the Condado or Santurce area and don’t mind walking, do it! (Taxis will be available at the Convention Center in Miramar for $5pp).

3. Forget those white sneakers and new outfit. Have we mentioned it gets crowded, very crowded? You don’t want drinks spilled on your favorite shirt or shoes. Wear something comfortable and light that you don’t mind getting dirty.

4. Don’t forget to hydrate! Cocktails and beers are a-plenty, make sure to drink water after every alcoholic drink to safely enjoy your time.

5. Bring an external phone charger so you don’t miss any photo ops. Tag your posts with @spoonfoodtours and #spoonfoodtours to be featured on our Instagram. Follow Spoon at @spoonfoodtours

6. Have fun!!


Written by: Paulina Salach Antonetti
Follow Paulina: @paulinasalach

Video Via @SeePuertoRico

Image: Wanda Torres