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Lote 23, An Eclectic Outdoor Food Space

Lote 23 Puerto Rico logo

Santurce just got a whole lot cooler! Known as the art and music district, Santurce is now home to Lote 23. This outdoor food space divided into four terraces brings together 16 culinary concepts including a rotational kiosk. Decorated with colorful murals by local artists, ‘El Lote’ is the newest place in San Juan to bring you a tasty variety of gastronomic offerings.

You’ll find everything from perfectly fried chicken sandwiches by Chef Pierre-Philippe Saussy’s Hen House to bao buns with a Puerto Rican twist at Paxx Caraballo’s El Baoricua. Try Paxx’s tomato and onion confit ‘abu relish’, named after Paxx’s abuela, and the vegan kimchi (it’ll later be turned into ketchup). At Dorotea’s, Chef Raúl Correa uses a custom-made wood-burning oven to make thin-crust Neapolitan pizzas. When asked why he chose the name, Raúl happily replied that Dorotea’s is named after his pet chicken from childhood. How cool!

La Melaza Pizza by Dorotea’s with fresh tomato sauce, roasted tomato, Thai chili jam, speck and honey.

Panka is the newest venture from Martín Louzao of Cincosentidos Culinary Group. Here, Martín pays homage to his Peruvian nanny from Buenos Aires who cooked Peruvian food for him on a daily basis. You can sample an array of anticuchos including the most popular, corazón de res. You’ll have fun creating your noodle dish at Wokit, a concept René Marichal later plans to franchise. For all things pork, visit Chef Mario Juan of Aretē at Pernilería Los Proceres.

Vegan Kimchi with local and napa cabbage, carrot, recao, scallions and spices from El Baoricua

If you crave a perfectly executed café con leche or you’re down to try a more novel coffee confection, head to Kali Solack’s Café Regina to get your fix. Pair that aromatic coffee with a sweet treat at Dó de Donas by Camille Pagán Rivera, offering freshly-made mini doughnuts with creative toppings. At El Joint Burger, Franco Busó García from Vino grills creative burgers with a myriad of pickled veggies, gourmet cheeses and delicious sides. Puerto Rico is warm [understatement]… luckily, Señor Paleta is present at the Lote to chill things down with their delicious ice pops.

Buttermilk-battered fried chicken sandwich with ranch tartar, home-made pickles and artisan bread from Hen House

The rotational kiosk is temporarily home to lady bosses María Mercedes Grubb from Gallo Negro and Kelly Piro from Mai Pen Rai who are bringing you K-pop, a Korean-style pop-up. It’s the real deal with all the umami goodness you could ever want.

Speyside Apple Cooler with Scotch whiskey, apple, chai soda and nutmeg from Caneca.

Lote 23 wouldn’t be complete without a strong cocktail offering. Brought to you by the guys behind La Factoría, Caneca serves up refreshing cocktails, slushies and cocktails on tap. Grab a drink and go conquer Lote 23, there’s a lot of eating to do.

From left: Ronnie del Valle, Chuck Rivera Rodríguez & Roberto Berdecía of Caneca

By Paulina Salach Antonetti

Photos © Spoon Food Tours